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BulletSafe bulletproof vests and equipment are top of the line bulletproof products at industry rocking prices. Our vests offer NIJ Level IIIA Protection for just $299 which is well below what others sell the same or lower quality vests for. Our vests are high quality with a large coverage area, they contain plate pockets for ballistic plates ...

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High Quality strongest bulletproof vest Wholesaler. bulletproof silicon ceramic mosaic wholesale in seychelles. bulletproof ceramic mosaic factory in rwanda. The Cook patent also claims the ceramic composite armour concept as the original bulletproof glass manifestation, with the ceramic plate as transparent glass, the backing as transparent polymer (PMMA is …

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Tactical vest, camp bed, tent, bullet proof fabric, bullet proof vest, bullet proof plate, bulletproof helmet, bullet proof shield, etc. In the last 28 years, we designed and manufactured high quality but cheap price military products and police equipments for our partners from more than 60 countries.

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Bulletproof Vest, Bulletproof Jacket, Bulletproof Helmet, Body Armor, Anti Piracy, Bullet Proof Film, Antipiracy, Bulletproof Plate, Bulletproof Pad, Anti Riot Suit Company Introduction Shanghai Unithank Safety Equipment Co., Ltd. is a production, reserch and sales company, we committed to provide high quality protective products.

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High Quality Military-Grade Lightweight Bulletproof Vests. Red Eagle is developed and manufactured in Israel by Afik Defense, part of Afik Group P.K. Ltd. meeting the high quality assurance standards of military & security service providers in Israel and across the Globe, with ISO 9001 accredited high quality production processes.

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Home police body armor plates Exporter for Indonesia. police body armor plates Exporter for Indonesia. Home - counter-terrorism, body armor & riot control solution ... $35.00 / Piece. 1 Piece (Min. Order) NIJ IIIA level the most Concealed BULLETPROOF T-SHIRT, BPV-TS01 BODY ARMOR. $80.00 - $199.00 / Piece. 1 Piece (Min. Order) 2018 hot sale NIJ ... Army tactical …

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Litai High Quality Bulletproof Pe Plate Nij4 Bulletproof ... Established in 2003, Zhejiang Light-Tough Composite Materials Co.,Ltd. is a China leading manufacturer of bulletproof products, including bulletproof plate, bulletproof vest, ballistic shield, bulletproof helmet and multi-protection vest.

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Senken High Quality Military Use Tactical Armor Ballistic Protective Bulletproof Vest FDY3R-SK-05 Features: Being acid-proof, waterproof, ultraviolet-proof, soft, light and non-ricocheted it can meet requirements in respect of protection of arm and neck in addition to the general protection for soldiers.